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The National Prevention Center offers a FREE Consumer Awareness Report educating the public on how you can:

If you or someone you know has missed one or more home payments, you should take at least ONE pro-active step explained in this State Specific Report. Watch this video if you don’t understand the urgency of your situation.

* As a courtesy of National Prevention Center, the actual homeowner experiences are shared in a video on the next page.

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National Prevention Center respects your privacy. Your situation is confidential. Your name and email will never be disclosed to anyone, including creditors, IRS, or other government agencies. WE GUARANTEE YOUR PRIVACY.

Get the facts you need to STOP your foreclosure NOW as quickly as possible, with the minimum amount of life interruption.

The foreclosure process is very time sensitive, and many visitors of this same website have lost their home to foreclosure by waiting too long. Don’t let this happen to you!